Advantages to Investors

We are creating a series of investment funds to purchase the licenses to artificial intelligence algorithms in various business verticals. We contract with key experts in each industry to source and value intelligence assets. We secure our investment using blockchain technology to secure our AI assets delivering accountability to our investors.

KnowledgeGRIDS creates the bridge between the AI universe and traditional investment markets, providing a seamless way to tokenize real AI assets and their financial returns using our KAI token.

Intelligence as an asset

KnowledgeGrids invests in royalty generating AI assets. Diversify your portfolio with AI assets and their IP-derived royalty income streams

An Alternative Investment



Consensus and distributed ownership

Fund Listings

AI Index Fund

Invest in a portfolio of AI assets across all available verticals

Logistics Fund

Invest in a portfolio of Logistics AI assets managed by a global, public logistics company

Healthcare Fund

Invest in a portfolio of healthcare AI assets managed by a nationally recognised healthcare IT company

Retail Fund

Invest in a portfolio of retail AI assets managed by a global retail consulting company

Securely Managing Investments using KAI Tokens

Tokenising AI assets is the key to managing returns on investments in algorithms. KnowledgeGrids will introduce an open sourced cryptographic token, which is a "proof of stake" cryptocurrency for AI assets under management. Every fund managed by KnowledgeGrids will issue their own version of KAI.

The KAI Token gives investors access to KnowledgeGrids' platform, is used to register an investor's stake in the issuing fund, and will be the mechanism that directs community governance. Seed Round

Be a founder in the first blockchain controlled AI investment management company.

We understand the risks of investing in such an early stage and want to reward our early investors with the highest possible ROI. Seed investors get first rights to participate in industry funds with 2x rewards.

Seed Round Offering

To realise our vision, we will conduct a preliminary seed round to support our efforts to fully launch and properly prepare for full-scale Token Sales.

  • 1. Minimum Goal: $250,000
  • 2. Maximum Goal: $700,000
  • 3. Start Date: TBD
  • 4. End Date: Start Date + 30 days
  • 5. Investors get 2x rewards (50% discount on all future tokens)

The seed round will be handled by an Escrow Smart Contract run on the Ethereum network. If our minimum goal of $250,000 is not reached by the end of our Seed Round, then all funds will be returned.

The Seed Round will provide funds to:
1) Create the legal structures for the first three investment funds
2) Create the investment documentation and agreements
3) Automate and scale Token Sales in each fund
4) Define KAI token model and dynamics
5) Develop roadmap and MVP of our Investor Portal


2017 Dec 15

KnowledgeGRIDS site live and marketing campaign kick - off

January 2018

Seed Round Token Sale

January 20, 2018

Announcement of global, public logistics company as fund manager for Logistics/Supply Chain AI Index Fund

2018 Q1

Define Legal Framework and Product Roadmap, release updated Whitepaper

2018 Q1

AI Index Fund ICO

2018 Q1

Supply Chain & Logistics Fund ICO

February 13, 2018

Announcement of nationaly recognised healthcare IT company as fund manager for Heathcare AI Index Fund

February 20, 2018

Announcement of global retail consulting company as fund manager for Retail AI Index Fund

2018 Q2

Investor Portal Release

2018 Q2

Vertical Specific Fund Expansion, and launch of ICO for Retail, and Healthcare AI Index Funds


Eric Hillerbrand


Geoff Le Fevre

Project Lead

Mark Pyzhov

Data Science Lead

Kapil Gupta

Solidity Engineer

Mirza Mušić

Software Engineer